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Choosing the best aviation institution to study your preferred aviation program is important if you want to thrive in your career. Shah-Shib Flying Academy, part of the Shah-Shib Group, is undoubtedly the best AME and pilot training facility in India and South Asia.

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Why Choose Shashib Flying Academy

We provide a unique academic experience at Guna Airport, a local private jet airport serving the Madhya Pradesh city of Guna. Our use of this airport guarantees our students a top-notch educational experience.

SFA's MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) facility offers unmatched hands-on training and in-depth practical expertise to students. Our state-of-the-art MRO facility gives students unparalleled in-depth training and hands-on experience.

In addition to our cutting-edge training facilities, Sha Shib maintains affiliations with major aviation companies across the world, giving students access to networking and internship possibilities.

We possess modern aircraft such as CESSNA 172R and THORP T211 equipped with advanced technology, which is available on our campus for hands-on training purposes.

Our institution gives ambitious pilot trainees access to cutting-edge training aircraft and a supportive learning environment so they may get a commercial pilot license that complies with ICAO and DGCA rules.'

Talon Systems' Education and Training Administration (ETA), a web-based program, is used by our institution to oversee training. ETA is a robust system that creates management reports, provides operational capabilities, and keeps digital training records.

Our Presence

Sha-Shib Group have its presence nationally & internationally

To better serve the world, the Sha-Shib Group has expanded its operations to more than three nations.

India – The organization has a huge national reach in India that extends across more than 12 major cities and includes educational institutions and big aviation companies. India, is the third-largest civil aviation market in the world, with aspirations to quickly surpass all other markets.

United Kingdom - In the second-largest aircraft manufacturing sector, where British engineering prowess and knowledge have long been the bedrock of aviation, the United Kingdom presents enormous prospects. The Sha-Shib Group's presence there will improve students' academic and training opportunities, laying the foundation for a successful future.

United States of America – The Sha-Shib Group's expansion is drawn to the United States of America due to its unmatched opportunities for education and skill development. Mentoring and linking Sha-Shib students with the international aviation sector is the group's mission in the USA.

Sha-Shib Group is running its Aircraft Maintenance Companies at variouse Airports in India.

Guna Airport

Guna Airport, Guna, Madhya Pradesh

Ratlam Airstrip

Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh

Chhindwara Airport

Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

Biju Patnayak International Airport

ARDC, Near CUDCT, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Sonari Aerodrome

Sonari, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Hosur Airport

Taneja Aerospace Road, Belagondanahalli, Tamil Nadu

The Sha-Shib Group has a DGCA-approved Aircraft Maintenance Repair Organisation (MRO) in compliance with CAR-145 regulations of the Government of India.

ASPL, Bhopal

IMT Building, Parvalia Sadak, Parvalia, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

IAE, Navi Mumbai

D-268, TTC, Industrial Estate, MIDC area, Near Turbhe Police Station, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai

ARDC, Guwahati

#15, Niribili Path, Ambikagiri Nagar, Guwahati, Assam

ARDC, Jamshedpur

Sonari Aerodrome, Sonari, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

ARDC, Bhubaneswar

BPI Airport, Near CUDCT, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

ARDC, Pune

Saswad Jejuri Road, Saswad, Pune, Maharashtra

SFA, Guna

Guna Airport, Guna, Madhya Pradesh

Sha-Shib Flying Academy has aircraft maintenance institutes that offer training and certification programs for individuals seeking to become skilled professionals in aircraft maintenance.

Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering, Bhopal
Indian Aerospace & Engineering, Navi Mumbai
Hindustan Aerospace & Engineering, Pune
Academy of Aviation & Engineering, Bangalore
Sha-Shib Aviation Academy, Cochin
Utkal Aerospace & Engineering, Bhubaneshwar
Sha-Shib Aerospace & Engineering, Guna

Shashib Flying Academy

Guna Airport, Guna Madhya Pradesh - 473001

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Sha-Shib College of Technology, Bhopal
Sha-Shib College of Engineering, Bangalore

Quetzal Air Hostess & Hospitality Academy, Mumbai

D-511, TTC Industrial Estate, MIDC Industrial Area, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703

Our Training Partners

We have made tie-ups in order to impart actual practical hands-on training to our students.

Sha-Shib Group's Own DGCA Govt. of india approved Aircraft Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Organisations (MRO)

Major Recruiters

Are You Aware of?

Students must complete training at an institution recognized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of the Government of India to become an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME). To obtain the required AME license, students must pass all module exams by DGCA Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) 66. Only those with an AME license are qualified to carry out particular tasks in the industry.

Candidates must complete extensive academic and practical aircraft maintenance engineering training at a DGCA-approved institute to be awarded an AME license. This training will prepare candidates for the module exams that the DGCA will administer.

Candidates with a degree in aviation, aeronautical, or aerospace, such as a BSc, BE/B. Tech, ME/MTech, or PhD, must take the appropriate course and satisfy the requirements of CAR 66 to become aircraft maintenance engineers (AMEs), as required by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Only a licensed AME has the authority to certify an aircraft as airworthy.

Aeronautical engineering is a 4-year engineering program approved by the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), whereas aircraft maintenance engineering is a separate program. The area of engineering known as aeronautical engineering is concerned with the creation, advancement, and maintenance of airplanes, and spacecraft. Only licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are permitted to certify an aircraft fit to fly by CAR 66, so the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) offers a license-based program in aircraft maintenance engineering through approved institutes. To join an AME course Individuals must complete 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) as their main subjects.

The DGCA does not coordinate or partner with any organization to hold an entrance exam for AME institute admissions, but the institutions are free to hold their admission exams. SSAT, an entrance test, is administered by Sha-Shib Group, the largest provider of high-quality AME education in South Asia, to register students in its network of colleges.

Based on their interests and talents, students choose their career routes, and it's important to pick the correct program and institution to help them achieve their objectives. Students receive great academic and practical training from Sha-Shib Group, preparing them for the workplace. Sha-Shib Group, the largest organization in South Asia offering top-notch AME training, owns several MROs and operational aircraft, providing students with practical training opportunities. Students receive plenty of hands-on training and mentorship, along with the experienced direction of industry professionals and world-class academic programs, to get them ready for a bright future.

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Aviation Industry Overview

Several prominent corporations have recently entered the aviation sector as a result of the Open Sky Policy and UDAN initiative by the Government of India, leading to considerable investments and improved development prospects for the industry. As a result, modern aircraft and new airports have begun to appear in India, which has multiplied job chances for people looking to become AMEs across the nation.

Some facts about Aviation

  • The Indian aviation industry is anticipated to overtake the global aviation market by 2030, according to the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
  • The Open Sky Policy and UDAN scheme of the Government of India has facilitated the entry of many major players in the aviation industry and have accelerated the industry's growth potential.
  • The number of airlines and aircraft in the Indian aviation sector has significantly risen, which has created competition and lowered ticket prices for customers.
  • With efforts like the Multi-modal International Cargo Centre and Airport (MIHAN) in Nagpur, India's aviation sector is growing as a cargo center.
  • As of right now, India has 464 operational airports, 124 of which are owned by the Airport Authority of India (AAI).
  • Several airports and airstrips are now being built around the nation.
  • There are already 91 local and foreign airlines operating in India, and many more are expected to do so soon.
  • There are many work prospects in the aviation industry thanks to India's continuously growing MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) facilities.
  • In the following ten years, India plans to have more than 200 international airports.
  • Prominent businesses like Tata, Mahindra, Bajaj, Reliance, Adani, and others have begun investing in the aviation sector, indicating the market has enormous development potential.

Major attractions of the aviation industry :

  • Global Opportunities
  • High-paying Jobs
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth